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Soothing Your Inner Child

Getting in touch with our inner children is not always easy... We have to be ready for them to express a lot of distress. But how do we soothe the inner child?...(READ FULL ARTICLE)


Recovered memories of childhood abuse

Why are memories of abuse so often hidden? This is a really hard question for people in recovery from abuse... How could such a big betrayal remain hidden in the back of a psyche for years and years? Can we really believe such memories?... (READ FULL ARTICLE)


Creativity and the Inner Child

Art and other creative activities are great ways to access unconscious material. Whether it's making a visual representation of a monster that came in a dream...(READ FULL ARTICLE)


Incest and the Inner Child

When a child growing up is traumatized by incest, usually he or she is forced to hide the trauma and "act normal." The wounded part gets split off...(READ FULL ARTICLE)



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