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child's worldJANE ROWAN

is a survivor of childhood trauma and betrayal and is passionate about sharing her healing experiences, including Inner Child work. She is a New England writer and poet. She retired from a long and successful professional career to have more time to write and to live fully. (Jane's name is a pseudonym.)


Jane's booklet, Caring for the Child Within - A Manual for Grownups, is a short but powerful guide to nurturing your Inner Child.


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Her memoir about her healing from incest is a frank and tender story of finding and healing her inner child. The River of Forgetting: A Memoir of Healing from Sexual Abuse was published in 2010 by Booksmyth Press.


See Jane's Inner Child memoir blog for thoughts on inner child, recovery, and writing memoir.


Read Jane's article, Soothing Your Inner Child, a short set of hints taken from the booklet on Caring for the Child Within. Or read her articles on Recovered memories of childhood abuse and Creativity and the Inner Child.


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